Dustin Gold

Dustin Gold

Dustin Gold is a co-founder of ParodyGrams.com, and serves as the company's managing director and co-executive producer. Dustin is an American talent manager and entertainment producer. Dustin Gold has been featured on ABC’s Good Morning America, and in The Huffington Post, Bloomberg Businessweek, and The New Yorker and is well-known in the entertainment industry for developing and managing Barack Obama impersonator Reggie Brown, Sarah Palin impersonator Patti Lyons, Mitt Romney impersonator Mike Cote, and Barack Obama impersonator Louis Ortiz.

Dustin Gold and his firm, William Gold Entertainment, have a history of producing prolific talent, and have been responsible for some of the most notable media circuses over the past few years, including:

  • Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) 2011, where Sarah Palin impersonator Patti Lyons performed such a brilliant impersonation of Sarah Palin during her surprise appearance that the Associated Press mistakenly Tweeter that the real Palin had arrived at the convention. In the chaos that ensued, Patti Lyons was a trending topic on Twitter, the top story on Yahoo News, the subject of over 65 original articles and thousands of re-posts around the country, interviews with everu radio talk show on the air from CPAC, and a live interview by PJTV during which host Tony Katz interviewed her believing she was the real Sarah Palin;
  • Republican Leadership Conference 2011, where, live on C-SPAN, Obama impersonator Reggie Brown delivered a politically potent performance which received massive coverage from the media, including 110 original articles, more than 70 live radio interviews, a trending topic on Twitter, more than 15 live interviews on cable and network news programs, and Reggie Brown’s first appearance on HBO’s Real Time with Bill Maher; and
  • Rombo, a controversial campaign advertisement, starring Mitt Romney impersonator Mike Cote, for Governor Rick Santorum’s 2012 Presidential campaign. The ad dissected by pundits and talking heads for the next week, and the real Governor Mitt Romney appeared on FOX News’ Fox and Friends, and, referring to Mike Cote, he said, “The guy looks pretty good doesn’t he…”

Dustin Gold is a founding partner and serves as Executive Producer of Politicos Comedy Brigade, the world’s best political comedy team, which features the top impersonators of American Presidents, politicians, and pundits, and the best political impressionists, character actors, comedians, voice artists, and writers.

As CEO at William Gold Entertainment and Executive Producer for Politicos Comedy Brigade, Dustin Gold has worked with major global brands including Microsoft, LinkedIn, Yahoo!, AOL, Virgin Airlines, and the USO, as well as with television networks such as HBO, Showtime, Comedy Central, FOX News, CNN, and MSNBC, his diverse network of talent has appeared on shows including Jimmy Kimmel Live, The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, Real Time with Bill Maher, Workaholics, and Hannah Montana, and he has provided talent for political campaigns and events including Republican Leadership Conference 2011, Rick Santorum for President 2012, FreedomFest 2012, and Ed Markey for US Senate 2013.

Dustin Gold was previously the CEO and Chief Visionary Officer of Beareo Enterprises, the firm which designed, manufactured, and distributed the “Bank on Obama Presidential Savings Bank,” a designer vinyl product which is now viewed as a collectible.

Dustin Gold’s first business was ThinkTank Creative Group, a marketing think tank and design firm focused on building media strategies and branding campaigns for a diverse portfolio of companies, organizations, interest groups, and political campaigns.

Earlier, at the age of 26, Dustin Gold earned national media attention while President of Community Watchdog Project, a political public interest group which he co-founded. Gold also co-hosted a regional morning radio show segment highlighting his ongoing political work during this period.

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