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We're Looking for a few Great Partners is quickly growing, and we've just begun. We're going to keep bringing our customers ideas to life through celebrity driven custom video productions, and we need well-positioned channel partners to bring our creativity out into the world.

We have already seen the benefits of key alliances. Resellers including speakers bureaus, talent agencies, procurement groups, event producers and planners, public relations firms, and advertising groups have made it possible for enthusiastic clients to collaborate with and order our products with ease. And our generous rewards program has made it profitable for them to do so.

For ParodyGrams Resellers routinely partners with select retailers such as art galleries and design stores, and speakers bureaus, talent agencies, procurement groups, event producers and planners, public relations firms, and advertising groups to resell our unique video productions to their existing and new customers. The process is straightforward. We take care of everything from consultation, pre-production, production, post-production, and delivery to downstream customer support. All you have to do is take the initial inquiry and provide your customer with the information collection form. Please contact us today to discuss the possibility of offering ParodyGrams through your store or sales program.

For Web Affiliates

If you have a website or an online marketing business, and believe you can help us reach out to our customers, we invite you to become a Affiliate. Our Affiliates will earn generous commissions on sales generated with ethical, performance-based marketing programs through banners, links, PPC ads, and targeted emails. We handle the fulfillment, service, and delivery of all the sales generated. We will be launching our affiliate program Fall 2013.

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